Sunday, December 02, 2007

Test your musical skills

Test your musical skills in six minutes!

This test of pitch perception, tone-deafness and rhythm perception doesn't give you the answer in terms of Which Star Wars Character You Are or What Your Porn Name Is - in fact it's a bit boring. It doesn't even give you the html so you can post your score and boast at all your friends. No, Jake Mandell is a srs cat.

srs cat

I am currently a medical student at UMass. I have a musical background, having composed several electronic music albums under my own name. I formerly worked in Berlin, Germany, for Native Instruments, and was involved with the Reaktor and Absynth instruments. On the medical side of things, I am interested in using radiological technologies, such as anatomical and functional MRI, to investigate musical perception.

But after slogging through his test you'll actually know if you are any good at hearing and remembering different pitches and rhythms.

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Yes, I took a screenshot. I boast.

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