Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dead Weather, belated interview video.

Dead Weather. Jack goes through the origin myth in this video from 04/16/09. Sorry, you have to endure an ad to see the actual footage.

Little Jack Lawrence, on the left, appears to be half-sphinx, half man. Of course sphinges are already half-man, so I guess he's actually quarter-cat, three-quarter-man. The cat side appears mostly in the posture and facial expressions, of which he has exactly one each. When Jack explains at great and expanded length about how he can't sit still, my eyes kept wandering to Little Jack, who is doing an almost monklike job of sitting quite alarmingly preternaturally still.

I found this via Jack the White (, the best place on the nets to find Jack White news. Yes, it is entirely in Japanese. But it does have a translate this page into English button that sort of works, and even when it doesn't it just makes the page funnier. And anyway, what famous people are doing is almost always more interesting when written in Japanese, unless you are Japanese in which case I imagine it's much more exciting in English.

While I'm on about Jack White I'd just like to add that I bought a copy of the White Stripes' Icky Thump. It has a warning on it, "unauthorized copying is punishable under federal law." You know how much I hate to be preached at by fucking record covers. I don't have to buy these things, you know. If I never buy another piece of music again it won't hamper me in any way whatsoever. I'm paying because I have some vague sentimental feeling for the musicians. But if you can't at least keep the CD covers free of your polemics, I'll just do without them.


Bruv said...

Hi Sis

It wouldn't be too bad if we only had to watch an ad to get to the interview, but it is blocked altogether for non US viewers "due to copyright".


Peromyscus said...

Don't never say I don't do nothin' for ya.

Put http://www. before that to make a link.

Is he a sphinx or what?

Anonymous said...

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Peromyscus said...

Thank you! I'm glad you like the blog.


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