Saturday, July 04, 2009

Michael Moorcock and London

Mike Moorcock, Allan Moore and Iain Sinclair held a talk in front of an audience in London on June 29th. The talk was, of course, about London. David Mosely's tape is available for viewing here - Part 1 and Part 2.

It's an interesting talk ranging from psychogeography (two of them don't seem keen on the term but the replacement that was suggested, "deep topography" didn't seem to get many votes either), to rock and roll and exactly how tired a writer has to be to find words flowing from his/her subconscious to the page. (Very tired and on a deadline, preferably already missed.) They cover mythologizing, the history of comics, the appearance of war-torn London, living in Ladbroke Grove and, from Allan Moore, Northampton. JG Ballard is mentioned, as the personification of Shepperton. Allan Moore is ridiculously funny. Moorcock is erudite and impressive. Sinclair has a phenomenal knowledge of London and its history and is passionate in his descriptions. I liked hearing the writers talk about their influences and how they are inspired to write, and especially enjoyed Allan Moore's description of the way in which the act of writing about a place changes the place written about.

Thanks to JGB, the JG Ballard list on Yahoo for the heads up on the existence of the video.

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