Monday, July 27, 2009

Roundup of teh internets

I have either the world's worst cold or the world's mildest swine flu, so I haven't exactly been pouring sparkling prose into the internet recently. I have, however, watched about a thousand dumb YouTube videos and laughed my way through old faves like "Cake Wrecks" (dire professional attempts at cake decorating), "Photoshop Disasters" (really dreadful professional photoshop mistakes), and boggled to the strange denizens of political wastelands who write in to the BBC's Have Your Say website, as skewered by "Speak You're Branes" (alas, now defunct - edited 07/2017).

Photoshop Disasters has captioned this one,
Fantastic darling , turn to the left , wonderful, now turn a little to the right, yes, wonderful, now lean a bit as though you are falling over, OK, lovely, OK, now fall over, lovely.

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