Thursday, August 27, 2009

It Did Get Loud

The Dead Weather at the Mayan, August 26th, was the main course of my gig-hopping day. It was wonderful indeed but since it's two-thirty in the morning, here's a few crappy cellphone pictures; I'll leave the gushing until the morrow.

Leaving the Third Man West pop-up store show at the Regent in the morning, in the lobby I photographed a framed copy of tonight's limited edition poster. Since it's in glass, visible behind the smiling bride is a reflection of all of us going toward the light. It's a bit like the Disneyland Haunted House holograms* except it's scary.

The Mayan Theater is a work of art in itself. One wonders what the builders were on, and whether, or weather, it's still available. After having a good look at the interior I decided it might have been Toluene, so on second thoughts, maybe we don't want to do that.

Thanks to the band, their staff and road crew - it was a good day.

Two YouTube videos of the night:

*Yes, I know. A Pepper's Ghost is not a hologram.

(Edited because Photobucket decided to charge me $400/yr to access my own photos and I said no. 07/2017)

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