Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jimi Hendrix Bio Pic Planned

OMG, maybe blog correspondent Casey is right.

Jimi Hendrix Bio-Pic On The Way -

With the Woodstock 40th anni in the spotlight this year, Legendary Pictures is mounting a feature film about Jimi Hendrix, whose perf of “The Star-Spangled Banner” was a seminal moment of the original 1969 fest.
Legendary topper Thomas Tull would produce the pic with Bill Gerber.
Thomas Tull is a producer of Davis Guggenheim's you-know-what.
The project is Tull’s second homage to guitar gods, after he conceived and produced “It Might Get Loud,” the recently released Sony Classics doc that features Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, U2’s the Edge and Jack White of the White Stripes.
Casey said of Guggenheim he was a "yuppie rock tourist with no depth of understanding of his subjects. It seemed like a movie made by a bored millionaire who's first real "connection" to Zep happened at O2."

Any idiot who wants to make a biopic of Jimi Hendrix fits that description pretty closely, so maybe the problem was Tull, not Guggenheim.

Wait, no, stop press. It was Guggenheim after all. In this interview about It Might Get Loud, he says, "And culture's always changing. Before Zeppelin there were just pretty boy pop bands. [Page] made it much more live and aggressive.

Methinks Guggenheim has misunderstood the distribution of bands in the sixties. (Led Zeppelin formed in 1968.) Perhaps familiarity with The Monkees has wiped out all knowledge of say, The Stooges (1967) or The Velvet Underground (1965). Or Jimi Hendrix, he of the putative biopic. Bob Dylan for christ's sake. Cream. The Jeff Beck Group. Or the several hundred groups hailing from places as far apart as Ladbroke Grove, New York, Detroit and California who were not pretty boy pop bands.

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Casey said...

My goodness. Let Jimi rest in peace already. You know, heard some time ago about a Phil Lynott biopic that was supposedly in development, then I heard no more. I think that would be an interesting story.

Or something where Lemmy from Motorhead battles orcs that are actually robots.


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