Monday, August 10, 2009

Jimmy Page Throw Down

Still counting down the days to It Might Get Loud. It's getting a lot of coverage in the news, but most of the quotes are older ones from Davis Guggenheim, rehashed. Have to say I loved this one regarding 'the summit' - the meeting of the three guitarists in person.

Q: Did they know each other before?
A: No. And they’re three extremely different people. The first couple of hours were tense and I was thinking, This is a terrible idea. Then, out of nowhere, Jimmy got sick of talking, picked up a guitar and played “Whole Lotta Love.” It was like he threw down.

Good for Jimmy. I read another quote from Guggenheim somewhere else recently where he said they chatted awkwardly about things like 'how many kids do you have'?

I assumed, when I wrote my review, that they would bring up music instantly, since they had it in common. Interesting that they didn't. I wonder why not? Performance anxiety?

Jimmy doesn't look particularly reticent, does he? No wonder he was first.

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