Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Only three days to It Might Get Loud!

More coverage of It Might Get Loud. It seems to be getting decent press. Read it here at Digital Content Producer. This one has a different angle. It's a techie magazine, and so it approaches film from the backroom boys' perspective, which always interests me. I like to hear experts talking about their instruments, or I wouldn't be so happy about It Might Get Loud in the first place, would I?

In this case the write up veers from the unastounding - they edited it on Avid. No, really, they did. Color me as amazed as you are - to the newsworthy - did you know that the colorist Rob Sciarratta was tempted to use his Da Vinci Systems Resolve color-correction software, because Jack White wears Goth-style pancake makeup?

I didn't even know Jack White wore makeup! I thought he was born that color.

Davis Guggenheim explains his film-making technique in a very different way than he does for the celebrity/music journalists, a little more intimate and revealing now he's safe with his buds. And where else can you learn that the sources of footage were so disparate (from live footage found on YouTube (and bought off a fan who didn't even know how to assign his rights) to DVD to VHS to HD) that they ended up putting artificial grain over the HD portions so that the difference wouldn't be so jarring?

They should have asked Jack White to edit it. He'd have transferred it all to Super 8 and edited it with a razor blade. Then it would have to written up in Analog Content Producer, of course.

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