Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Aquarium Drunkard

The second Aquarium Drunkard download didn't have as many gems as the first, IMHO.

Back to the Sea by the Sandwitches had a Beach Blanket Bingo meets early T. Rex vibe which I adored and will keep on permanent rotation. The Bicycles rocked on B-B-Bicycles, and Jail La La by the Dum Dum Girls hit all the right spots.

Nobody sucked, which is a triumph in itself.

Keep the free music coming, folks. When I was young, bountiful free music used to come out of small plastic boxes, about 2" by 3", that we kept on our bedside tables. They were called "trannies" or 'transistors" and were much prized by their owners. Based on what we heard, we'd go out and buy records. Not sure how we changed to the complicated modern music distribution model, but I'm more than happy that there's still some way new music can leak out of its stronghold and get heard. I'm happy to buy albums. I'm happy to buy singles. But I do like to hear it first, and Aquarium Drunkard is to be congratulated for getting it out there.

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