Tuesday, April 20, 2010

City of shlubs

Las Vegas is truly a city of shlubs. Don’t get me wrong – the American shlub is a wonderful thing. More personable, reasonable and truly easy-going than the equivalent anywhere in the world, the average Vegas-goer cannot be disliked. But they can be fooled. The hotels build luxury resorts, and the people flock to them for some comfort and culture… but let’s look at that. If a hotel builds a billion dollar resort, and someone pays $79.99 for a room and say $100 for food and entertainment, they’ve bought 0.0000179 of the opulence. And that’s what it feels like.

When a king builds Amarna, or Versailles, it’s easy to see they own too much opulence and could never revel in it all. When you have less than a millionth of a Paris or a Luxor, you have nothing. You are really in Disney territory. A timeshare in fabulousness with less than a millionth in occupancy. Click here for my friend Kali Durga’s different but yet similar take on Vegas.

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