Thursday, April 22, 2010

Octopus gadget frenzy

Back to the world of living seafood. Here, an octopus and a free-diver meet. The octopus wants his camera. And octopuses are pretty strong, so he gets the camera. Diver offers his spear-gun instead and the octopus finds that acceptable.

I couldn't do negotiations with alien life forms even if I had oxygen tanks with me, so I don't know how this person manages to do all this outside his own atmosphere. But humans are amazing too, as well as octopuses. Between the two, it's a wonderful moment (from Gizmodo).


KaliDurga said...

It's like an episode of Steve Zissou! That is the most fantastic thing I've seen for a while, even better than the TDW Coachella videos. Such a wonderful reminder that creatures so different from us have just as much curiosity as we do.

KaliDurga said...

Love this so much I just put it up on my tumblr page.

frank.cooke said...


I hope you have all noticed that the spear gun seems to have pierced one of the octopus' legs/arms, rather than it "running off" with the spear gun.

On a similar note I was snorkelling with a marine biologist between Ithaca and Kefalonia 4 years ago when he pulled a small octopus out of a crevice to put in an observation tank on the boat. The sucker marks on his arm were still visible 5 hours later.



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