Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pastry at the Wynn

Monday morning, post Dead Weather, we went to the Wynn for a much more reasonably priced $20 breakfast buffet. I’d been promised pastry rooms – that’s rooms, plural – and so this was a must see. I started off with a lovely congee and dim sum…mm congee…crab cakes, some fish dishes of some sort with a tasty remoulade. There was smoked salmon, of course, with the bagels, but overall not as much seafood as I expected. However, not to panic as the pastry rooms (that’s rooms plural folks) held all the magic you can expect. I was berated by my friend for not eating one of each, but there were about forty pastries there. Even I cannot eat one of each. And anyway, she ate fruit instead of bacon. Who is she to lecture me on insufficient pastry consumption? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – except for the adipose tissue. I’m back on a vegetarian diet, now. But I don’t regret a thing.

I was so poisoned by the sugar that I started hallucinating about ostriches. (The Wynn’s walls are decorated in faux ostrich leather). As I imagined the birds being farmed for leather, I got them confused with peacocks and then had the vision of magnificent rideable birds with peacock tails running along in battle. Not a fitting end to a weekend in Vegas (which would be more like spending $20 on a points spread in a basketball game) but at least proof the city didn’t entirely deaden my brain.


KaliDurga said...

Where at the Wynn do they have pastry rooms? The Boss and his Wife always stay at the Wynn and we've had a few dinners over there. I've seen no sign of buffet or pastry, but will have to look for that this year.

Haha, sugar hallucinations! At least you were able to over-indulge in something. That is what Vegas is all about ;)

Peromyscus said...

I was told to follow the signs for 'the buffet' and I did. And I was rewarded with pastry rooms (rooms plural). You must indulge at your next opportunity, particularly as there is more than pastry on offer. For instance, I had a really great quiche, which is hard to produce for a buffet, but they managed.

I don't usually have sugar hallucinations and have a touch of chagrin...on the other hand, yes that is what Vegas is all about! I should celebrate it!

Carroll said...

Fruit instead of bacon??? What the heck kind of no-account friends do you hang around with these days anyway? Nobody in their right mind should eat fruit instead of bacon. WITH bacon, sure, maybe. But *instead* of??? Out of their frickin' mind, I tell ya.



Peromyscus said...

ok, carroll, you're invited. And you cam eat all the bacon you like - I checked! And I did!

Malia said...

Phooey! Who could pass up fresh papaya??????? Nectar of teh gods I tell you. (Plus don't tell anyone but friend had ham and bacon in her whole egg omelette.)


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