Monday, October 18, 2010

Busking, 2010

People tell me the past was just like the present, but with less Hello Kitty and fewer Facebook status updates. I can buy that.

But I have to admit to a slight thrill as I watch these musicians, Atomic Tom, sing their song Take Me Out on the subway.

Yes, playing all their instruments on iPhones is different and new. Now you don't only not need to buy a guitar, you don't even need to make a diddly bow in a cow pasture to get into the act. Jack White may not approve of their solution, but it's a nice video of a bunch of kids making music out of the first thing that comes to hand.

(Caveat: possible iPhone product placement viral ad - who could tell?)


Mike said...

In the UK, we're old-school. On your next team-building exercise, you'll be playing along to George Formby. That'll teach you to forget the words to the Company Song.

Peromyscus said...

Christ, this probably means I'll have to play the tea chest bass at my (American) company.


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