Friday, July 22, 2011

Comic Con visit

I'm spending the next few days at Comic Con in San Diego.

I've never been before - always been more of a Worldcon person, but the last time...Denver, I think...I felt I'd rather go to somewhere well-attended enough to draw big names and generally be splashy and oversized and colorful.

Comic con crowds by STB

Well, Comic Con is certainly all of those. It's easy to see the relationship between the dour and ernest fannish Worldcon and the much bigger media convention. The same types of people are there, but instead of six thousand at best, there's well over a hundred thousand. About the same proportion are dressed in costume, which means there's a LOT of people in costume, and the major difference is I've no clue who all of them are. Presumably anime characters I've never heard of. Highlights today included not getting into a Harry Potter fandom panel because the vast room was filled before the line even started moving where we were and then listening to Jon Favreau (with Guillermo del Toro) in a vast cinema hall talking about Cowboys and Aliens and showing a long clip of a very cowboy movie indeed. With, as advertised, aliens. And then we went to see Penn and Teller. Teller is not actually mute. Hmm. My world is turned upside down.

Oh, and lots of people on panels use lots more profanity than at SF conventions. Oh, and I got to teach STB the "Yo dawg, I heard you like [Y] so I put [X] in your [X] so you can [Y] while you [Y]" meme.

Good times.

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