Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jimmy Page Dot Com

Jimmy Page recently opened a website. A day late, you might think, but not a dollar short. The site features a "This day in history" section which - for 24 hours only - showcases something Page did on that day. Sometimes it's something I've seen before - recently the 1977 Seattle Superdome Noise Solo was featured. Truth be told, I already have that on Very Slightly Unofficial Video.  Today, it was a completely unheard before, 1961 Jimmy Page track, called "Jet Black" by Neil Christian and the Crusaders. (It's a take on Jet Black by the Shadows.)

Jimmy Page Dot Com says that none of these "this day in history" pages will be archived. They are up for that day and not available after that. Obviously, the clever and or motivated will be able to archive them, as I have with the rather-astonishing-for-1961-Jet Black. But to experience them in the first place, you have to go to Jimmy Page's website, and sign up.

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Bruv said...

Hi Sis

Thanks for pointing to the site.

Did you note the 2 different spellings of Capt Beefhart and Beefheart on the 2 posters on todays home page.



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