Monday, August 22, 2011

Scrubs, the jammies of the medical professon

I saw another woman in the supermarket wearing scrubs today.

I HATE that. I can just imagine her shopping while thinking, "Shit, what a horrible day I've had in the Emergency Room, treating people with MRSA, Rabies, drug-resistant TB...that HIV-positive guy who'd had the bloody catfight with the Hepatitis C-infected guy...then the possible-Ebola guy bleeding out all over the floor and Ol' No Nose Phil, the Leprosy Man, coming in to have a few bits of dying flesh snipped off...I'm too tired to even change my clothes!" Meanwhile she's squeezing avocados and bending over the peaches looking for a good one.

I can also imagine her leaning over some deathly ill Flesh Eating Bacteria Guy in the hospital cleaning out his wounds as her scrubs' top rubs against him, the same top she was wearing when she carried the bag of moldy onions on her hip back to Von's to get her money back at lunchtime.

Update: an article in the Atlantic on the subject of scrubs in food shops - by an MD!


Juli Page Morgan said...

Hm, never thought of that before, but now I'll always think of flesh-eating disease guy when I see people wearing scrubs in the grocery store. Never Wear Scrubs to the Grocery is a rule that goes well with my Never Touch a Book-Magazine-Pamphlet in a Doctor's Office rule.

Peromyscus said...

Your rule is one to live by.

Anonymous said...

i am a nurse have been since 93 my daughter just graduated nursing school. you are not allowed by health code to wear anything you where to work in a public place such as a groc. store as nurses they should know thats how an epidemic starts. i personally hate scrubs they make me feel as if im still in my pj's, and most nurses are very different during work that off me or my kids own sweat pants even its not professional looking at all no wonder we are being made mockery ive worked way to hard to dress as if i dont care anymore

Anonymous said...

sorry we dont own sweatpants i might get some though. but not for public use. i just felt i needed to clarify thank you


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