Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Drum Kings

My friend Kali Durga posted a drum moment on her tumblr*, and coincidentally an acquaintance posted an epic one on another music newsgroup.

Jack White I'm familiar with, although I hadn't seen the particular bit of juggling he does at 6:12.

Gene Krupa and the orgiastic Sing Sing Sing I am very familiar with, but Buddy Rich - although I've heard of him, of course - was an unknown quantity. Which means that during this video I knew exactly what ace drummer Krupa was about to do. But I was pleasantly surprised by Buddy Rich. I get the impression he was allowed to win, but all's fair in network TV. This is from a Sammy Davis Jr. show. What else?

It's obvious that Jack White is the Krupa fan.

Excellent drumming is excellent, from all three.

* I suspect this isn't the permalink and will break soon.


Mike said...

In exactly a week, I'll be stood 6 feet in front of this fella again.
Why the headphones? He says they're to cut out the mains hum from the stacks on either side, during the solo. (From 6 feet in front, the hum is loud.)

KaliDurga said...

Thanks for flogging my tumblr. Here's the permalink to that page:

I need to watch that Krupa/Rich video when I get home from work tonight. Didn't Jack mention growing up listening to Krupa in the recent GQ article?

KaliDurga said...

I would have voted for Krupa, too. Cool stuff.

Peromyscus said...

Yes, Jack said that. I grew up listening to Krupa too. But notice that unlike Krupa (and Rich)Jack uses a matched grip. Out of the whole gang, the only one I can think of who uses the traditional grip is Patrick Keeler.

KaliDurga said...

He does use a traditional grip from time to time. See the video for Another Way to Die for a good example--

I've also noticed it on at least one DW tune, but of course can't remember which.


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