Thursday, March 01, 2012

Happy 40th Birthday Glam Rock! My March 1972 Diary.

March 1st.
T. Rex is ace. Not much homework.

March 3rd.
Hello, I am mad. Hi hi.

March 7th.
Got to learn a chapter for Geography. He'll be lucky.

March 9th.
Not much homework. Boring day. Telegram Sam has gone down to Number 18.

March 11th.
Grandma died. She was coming out of OPW with mum – just collapsed.

[Was that building opposite our house really called Old People's Welfare? Looking at it on Google Earth today, it does seem to still have a sign "Old People's Centre". I guess PC is a long time coming to my home town.]

March 13th.
Funeral on Thursday. Frank came. Mum went to a lecturing. [A what?] Marc on Bob Harris! Fantastic! Played Ringo, Clapton and Zep.

March 14th.
Mum's gone to Town Hall for a dance. Won't be back til one [am]. Will watch Old Grey Whistle Test!

March 16th.
Funeral -  took last lesson and afternoon off.

March 18th.
Stayed in and did nowt.  Went to an afternoon [a what?]. Got all sorts of things but nowt like the Bolan Specials I wanted. 


Bruv said...

Hi Sis

Don't know waht the "lecturing" was. Can't see OPW on Google Earth. Is the building the one between the "Batley Health Centre" and the Irish Nash?


Peromyscus said...

Yes, if you steer the little google man right in front of it you can see a small sign.


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