Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy 40th, Glam Rock! My March 1972 Diary part 2.

March 21st.
[In French] I refused to wash dishes this evening, so I won't get pocket money. [In English] My French is getting worse.

March 22nd.
Looks like I'll still get the extra spend. Going mad over Egyptology again.

March 23rd.
Not much homework. Soon will break up [i.e. it will be spring break].  
Still compiling history of Turkos [my imaginary world].

March 29th.
We didn't go to the Careers Meeting.

[Parents' decision or mine? I've forgotten. No wonder my career has been so haphazard.]

March 31st.
Went  to Leeds and Bradford and Wakefield. [Why on earth all three?] Bought a new coat. [Bruv] came and borrowed new LP. (Again. He's recording it illegally!)
[See, kids, illegal 'uploading' of music was going great guns by 1972. Why anyone thinks that digital 'piracy' has anything to do with the slump in record sales is completely beyond me.]

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