Saturday, March 10, 2012

Marc Bolan Disco 45 Special, 1972

I found a few moments to scan my 1972 Disco 45 Special on T. Rex, featuring Marc Bolan.  It's forty years since this Glam Rock publication was printed and was put into my hands for a mere 5p.  As an anniversary treat, I've put it up on the web for others to enjoy.

I'm aware that the issue is still within copyright, and there are several photos in there that the photographers probably wish to keep in their possession - although the artist who drew the middle page spread is probably hoping that no one will ever see it again - but I'm scanning it as right now it's out of print and no one could pay for it even if they wanted to. Of course, if you let me know you don't want your material displayed on this blog, let me know and I'll take it down immediately.

I love the contemporary style, which was to have 2 colors - in this case green and red - which are used as washes over various photos, giving the impression that the issue is in color, when in fact it's basically B&W.

Edit 2014: Flickr's apparently change the rules so I can't embed it as a slideshow, so  if you want to read each page in detail,  it's in my Flickr set here.

Could the horoscope be any triter? And, Mickey Finn, you're wearing a pro-cocaine t-shirt in a teenybop magazine! Post-mortem shame on you!

I have a few others of this ilk - the Jackie Marc Bolan story, for instance, that I'll share during glam rock's 40th birthday this year.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool! Thanks for posting that.


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