Thursday, March 08, 2012

Quote of the day

I don't suppose you can expect an article on the death of screamy right-wing blogger Andrew Breitbart to have an exactly civil comments section, and this one doesn't buck the trend.
Clearly you people have zero moral fiber or common sense to follow such ridiculous political ideology and propaganda of the Liberal Media who shoves what you want to hear and what they want you to hear down your throats.
I chose it because I think it's important that my Lie-brul Lamestream Media learns what it's doing wrong, and instead aims to shove it into our ears where it might have some effect. I could have picked the following comment instead, but it made me depressed (and also hug my guns):
Leave America, Commie. Remember Real Americans have guns, libs don't. Really think about that punk. When the SHTF you think your local police are going to help you? They're going to be running for their lives.
Something something improve the discourse re American politics goes here.

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