Saturday, July 07, 2012

Collaboration Culture

Here is a BBC photostory from the Collaboration Culture series, which features a white artist called Bob and Roberta Smith working with a Ghanaian coffin-maker called Paa Joe. They're making a sculpture in honor of Pablo Picasso, which they will bury in one of Paa Joe's carved coffins to 'return Picasso to one of his most significant sources of inspirations' - Africa.  One caption refers to it as a "ceremonious burial", which suggests the writer has unusual ideas about English usage.

The caption to this one cements the belief.

The caption is, "Carved by hand from a block of wood, Paa Joe does not use plans or sketches."

Bob and Roberta's contribution - if I may be so bold as to call him by his first names - is to add his 'signature found objects'  - pieces of litter - including an 'old milk container'.  (The picture fails to clarify whether it is a container for old milk, or something else.)

His sculpture is placed in the lion coffin and the coffin is nailed shut. The caption points out that this surprises him, although it does not explain why.

I'll probably never get to see the TV show, but I wonder if the traditional, highly-regarded coffin-carver was equally surprised to be working with a Leytonstone Litter Supremo?

Here are some other memorials to the Pabster.

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