Friday, July 20, 2012

First Moonlanding, 1969.

Happy 43rd Anniversary, Apollo 11.

Yes, I stayed up all night (in the UK) to try to see footage of the first moon landing on July 21st, 1969. I was a kid at the time but something told me this was going to be historic. (Probably my dad.) It was historic; the culmination of our science fiction dreams. Unfortunately, no one had figured out what to do once we got there (for those values of "we" that apply). Mars exploration seems to be going better, but until there are people on Mars playing golf and fooling around, I don't think we've quite made it.

Thank you, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and guy-who-had-to-fly-the-thing and therefore couldn't walk on the moon, Michael Collins.

PS If you need any Mars astronauts, I'm available.

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