Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Led Zeppelin's The Starship - NBC video

[Original links died; these are similar but not exact 10/2017]

Dangerous Minds has a piece on Led Zeppelin's Starship, with some nice photographs, a link to some information about Robert Plant's road wife Audrey Hamilton, and a copy of the video of an aggrieved NBC reporter clearly jealous of these uppity young English hippies with enough money to hire a private plane. Now I understand how the media twists things, hearing Robert Plant's joke about what a shame it is the plane doesn't have a pool table repurposed as a dig at his apparent sense of entitlement is quite funny. I bet Robert wasn't pleased at the time, if he ever saw the broadcast.

Here's the video:

Dangerous Mind's photos are great, but they flip between 1973 (The Starship) and 1977 (Caesar's Chariot). Thin Jimmy Page with Stormtrooper hat, and Audrey Hamilton, is 1977. Happy Jimmy Page wearing the checked shirt I call Teh Shirt and drinking Jack Daniels out of the bottle is 1973. But you probably already know that.

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