Friday, July 13, 2012

Plastics and coffee

So I wake up in this motel - or Inn, as it calls itself, although there is a definite shortage of ostlers, horses and tradesmen from the shire - and I have a coffee headache.

Making coffee involves stripping the sealed plastic bag off the plastic-lined paper cup, tearing and discarding the plastic wrapping/labeling of the coffee bag, and putting the coffee bag, which comes with its own disposable plastic tray, under the spout of the coffee maker. Water and heat are added.

It occurs to me while drinking the coffee that people these days are prone to saying things like, "My phone has more computing power than the entire Apollo program!" which may be true, but it's nearly as true to say that this morning's first coffee used (and threw away) more plastic than America as a whole used in 1950.

True video - Dustbin Hoffperson in The Graduate

None of the items were recyclable.

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