Saturday, September 01, 2012

Happy 40th, Glam Rock! My 1972 Diary, September.

September 1st
Bought Alice Cooper poster at antique bicycle shop in C[arnaby] Street.

[I remember the poster, but why in a bicycle shop? Those crazy Carnaby Street hippies!]

September 2nd
Came through London and went to Olympia DIY Ex. Ran out of money. Bought Masai statue though.

[My parents loved the Ideal Home Exhibition. Whether that was "DIY Ex" or not I can't remember. Dad also used to go to Olympia for a big electronics fair we always called the Ideal Ohm Exhibition too.  In those pre-credit card days it was quite easy to run out of money, and dad did. Please note it wasn't me that bought the Masai statue, a two-headed, bright magenta sandalwood monstrosity that scared the daylights out of visitors for years to come. I seem to remember we actually ran out of said money in an Angus Steak House, where we had to hurriedly cancel an order after the soup course and flee.]

September 7th.
School's back again. And School's Out is now number 11. Big drops.

September 8th.
I prithee, gentle Samaritan, abolish homework and Sweet and Slade.

[I know I'm celebrating Glam Rock, but I'm me. And anything that could possibly threaten T. Rex in the charts got deprecated.]

September 11th.
Heavy sounds regale the chart! Up with Mott the Hoople, Alice and T Rex and whoever else. Sink the Stones!

[I don't know what the Stones had done to me, as the album that year was the immense Exile on Main Street. Perhaps I meant something else. If I was thinking of the sublime Rocks Off, Shame on me.]

September 19th.
Ziggy Stardust for Chief Sewage Inspector! He's insulted Marc.  [Mary] Whitehouse thinks Alice is insulting.

[I think that was the interview where David Bowie called Marc Bolan "prissy and fey and engrossed in his own image", which even at the time I thought was a case of pot/kettle/black.  Mary Whitehouse was a Campaigner for Decency who never did grasp the difference between Art and Having Low Morals. She was the PMRC of her day.]

September 23rd.
Got tickets for Lindisfarne!

[I was becoming all grown up! Phew, rock and roll!]

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