Sunday, March 24, 2013

Swallows Day Parade 2013 - more pictures

Some more views of the San Juan Capistrano Swallows Day parade on March 23rd, 2013.

The latter part of the parade route. Who knew I lived in such a beautiful city?

Big horses that remind me of Roman statues.

Slightly smaller horse.


KaliDurga said...

Is that little horse wearing tennies?

Peromyscus said...


KaliDurga said...

How strange is more what I was thinking. I mean, where's its tennis racket??

Peromyscus said...

I think it was relying on its owner to bring the racquet, but as you can see, he's trying to keep his balance on his skateboard, so he probably dropped it.


Juli Page Morgan said...

Very nice to see you back! SJC has always been on my Places I Want to Visit list. Now I know to visit in March, and not just for the swallows!

Peromyscus said...

I would love to host you for the Swallows Day Parade, Juli!


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