Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"No such thing as Thatcher" - Society

I see Leeds denizens thronged by their millions to the city center to watch Maggie's funeral on the big telly.

You'd think they'd be more grateful. Leeds municipal buildings (like the one on the right) used to be coal black from all the coal smoke and coal dust shed by the thousands of coal-black miners. Now, not so much.

This person did turn up to the funeral though.

Talk about drawing attention to yourself.

If they'd had bonnets like that in Star Trek, people would have said this skiffy stuff was too far fetched to take seriously.  Yet this person (singer Katharine Jenkins, apparently) appears to be alive and even conscious, and so there's a possibility they actually chose to wear it. It's a mystery.  (It's from the Guardian's picture live-blogging of the celebration, here.)


Mike said...

That's famous Welsh soprano Katherine Jenkins. Shirley Bassey also attended. The noise you hear is of a thousand Bassey records being thrown into the river at Tiger Bay.

Peromyscus said...

Pity, I liked Shirley Bassey in a vague i.e. not having any of her records sort of way.


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