Monday, July 15, 2013

No Nun Underdog Lord

I can't control my squee at this London Tube Map variant with all the station names as anagrams.

I lived in London for twelve years, and the names of the Tube stops are ingrained in my brain. Even so, I can hardly work out four or five of the puzzles, because they're so darn good, and because station names are so bizarre.  I mean Tottenham Hale sounds like an anagram already, as does about 50% of the map.

It's worth clicking on the original to get the "hover over" answers, as I doubt anybody could solve it by themselves, plus it's huge, whereas I can only put a 7" by 7" slice here.

Edit to add: Jesus H, it's hard to keep up with the innertubes. I've relinked to the Wayback Machine, as the webpage I originally linked to went down. If the link breaks again, let me know in comments. Ta.

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