Tuesday, July 09, 2013

This modern world part 99

A year ago, in April 2012, it seemed the whole world simultaneously erupted into tutting about women who had nasogastric feeding tubes fitted and a slurry containing less than 800 calories a day fed continuously through them, in order for them to shed a few pounds and fit into their wedding dresses. It was one of those moments when the world united against women and their silly fads. "But nasogastric feeding tubes kind of hurt, " said the entire planet. "Nonsense," replied the women. "Minor nuisance. It's totally fucking worth it."

Here's a representative article, with a video showing how much it doesn't hurt. Controversial feeding tube diet reaches UK - Sky News.
Dr Shidrawi threads a narrow tube through a KEN patient's nose, down their throat to their stomach. A pump drip feeds a protein liquid through the tube day and night. The regular feeding fools the stomach into feeling full.
In America the extreme diet is being used by brides hoping to fit into a smaller dress and look slimmer in their wedding photos.
Now fast forward to this week.  Mos Def, otherwise known as Yasiin Bey, makes a video attempting to show why nasogastric feeding of prisoners is torture. It's actually difficult to watch - he screams and struggles and begs. Who knew he was such a good actor.

One of the comments on the YouTube video says, "Mos Def just proved he has a vagina."  See above for how the actual vagina-bearers cope.

Not that this video has any bearing on the actual force-feeding of hunger-striking prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, of course. I'm sure that hurts like hell, though the problem with the prisoners in Guantanamo starts way before the force-feeding, way before the hunger strike, and way back to before Obama broke his promise to close the jail - all the way back to how the hell the US ended up with a special off-shore prison for people who haven't been convicted of a crime in the first place.  But I don't think Yasiin Bey is helping as much as he thinks he is.

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