Friday, May 09, 2014

Dinosaur sighting

My city, San Juan Capistrano, fought (ahem) tooth and nail to get Juan the Apatosaurus banned from the city's petting zoo. Apparently, dinosaurs just don't belong here.

City officials decided earlier this month that the 40-foot statue of the friendly faced apatosaurus — installed by Zoomars, a petting zoo on the historic avenue — had to go, ending a squabble of Jurassic proportions that held the city's attention for months. The city sided with historical advocates who saw the dinosaur as an eyesore, cheapening the neighborhood's real history, and others who just saw him as a nuisance.
"She finally woke up and knows it's unacceptable in San Juan," Ilse Byrnes, a local historical advocate who worked to have Los Rios added to the National Register of Historic Places, said of Franks. "I'm glad it's over. If it had gone through, it would have set a precedent — a bad, bad example."
(LA Times)

Yes, dinosaurs are worse than pool when it comes to rattling city councilors.

But it's too late! As with rats, if you've seen one dinosaur there are probably a lot more around.

 photo dino_zps4f266c12.jpg

This one's at the Tree of Life nursery on Ortega, and no, I didn't ask it its name.  Hope the city doesn't find out because I quite like dinosaurs. I mean, who doesn't?

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