Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fatty the gecko, again

Fatty the Grandis day gecko has been sick. He was in with his new wife, Mrs. F, when he started to go dark and stressed. He was dehydrated and clearly hadn't been eating. He'd had something similar 18 months ago. This time the vet found Coccidia, though neither of us knew whether he'd gotten weak and that cause the Coccidia to increase in numbers, or he'd got Coccidia and that had made him weak. I decided to treat him anyway, and the vet gave me Albon, which he seemed to like and didn't knock him out as badly as I thought it would.

About a week after finishing the course, he started to catch his own mealworms, but I'm continuing to hand-feed him Repashy with a little calcium and occasional Bene Bac. By "hand-feed" I mean he'll literally only lick it off my finger. He won't eat out of a bowl.

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