Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bye, United Kingdom

It's beyond breathtaking to me to realize that British politicians still have no idea - none at all - what they've got themselves into with Brexit. 40 years of mutuality and common law-making to undo in two years, based on the passing wishes of 52% of the voting public (who were not informed of the technicalities beforehand.)

I guess it's irreversible now as Article 50 is to be invoked within hours, but shit, what a terrible way for a country to die. 

According to Alan Ferrier (@alanferrier)David Davis said on March 16th: 


themellonfactory said...

Our politicians never intended this to happen.
The idea was, it seems apparent, for the middle-ground of the Conservative Party to silence their equivalent of the Tea Party by holding a referendum, winning and thereby shutting them up for a generation.
A couple of influential Conservatives fronted up Leave in the hope that losing heroically would bring the lunatic Right round to their side come the next leadership battle.
And Labour have the most useless leader in their history...
Crazy situation.
Have you spent time in the UK?

themellonfactory said...

Oh, and PS, a big factor in losing was that the centre Right were complacent about doing so, thus went easy on the Tea Party types to minimise the bad feeling after their inevitable 'loss'. That soft-pedalling plus our very right-wing press, and voila...

Lyle Hopwood said...

I lived in the UK until I was 18. Since then, it's been a bit blurry, at least since remaining UK friends told me the BBC was not impartial. Your explanation seems plausible to me.

themellonfactory said...

I worked for the BBC as a producer for many years. People saying the BBC is not impartial is kinda like the 'fake news' phenomenon.

I ended up feeling that the only likely affirmative feedback the BBC would ever receive as to its impartiality/balance would be an equal number of bitter protests of bias from all sides :-) Of course, the people protesting BBC lack of impartiality tend to be those people who hold strongly partial views: if you are way right or way left, you will tend to see media that agrees with you as neutral simple truth, and everything else as skewed.

On a less earnest note, you have great taste in music. Do you know of Terry Reid (who was invited to sing for Led Zeppelin, turned it down, and recommended Robert Plant):

themellonfactory said...

Oh, and books! That's my kind of Dickensian... Facebook friend request sent: Rob Fawcett, Eastbourne, UK :-)

Lyle Hopwood said...

Got your request, Rob, thanks!


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