Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Free - All Right Now

I've mentioned about five times now why everyone needs to buy this Free DVD, so I don't feel guilty about putting a link to one of the performances here. This is All Right Now from the Isle of Wight movie. I'm linking to it as it was mentioned in a comment to my review of John Martyn's Live at Leeds.

This edit has a lot less of Kossoff and his famous facial expressions than the classic edit (available on the DVD), but whenever the classic edit gets on to YouTube, it gets taken down again. I dunno why. If you search YouTube regularly you might find it. It usually has the letter "S" in the top right corner.

Meanwhile, you'll just have to make do with this low-Kossoff version. Or buy the Free DVD as previously hinted. The bit to watch of course, is the guitar solo. Ignore the hairy with the mikestand. At least for today.


simon said... the start, the bass work is curiously leaden. it seems at odds with the funkier guitar and vocals. what gives? bass gets much better, though. also, kossoff hardly wrote any of free's music -- is that right? that's rather unusual for a 70s guitar slinger. i would be interested to know your thoughts on this.

Peromyscus said...

Interesting comment. "All Right Now" doesn't have a bass part for the introduction and verses. It's guitar and drums alone until the start of the chorus "all right now, baby, it's all right now". When the bass does come in, it's a bit sudden, loud and obvious compared with the smoother mix of the single version, and it makes me wonder if Andy can hear himself properly. I guess he adjusted his amp during the next verse. What do I know, though, I never pay attention to the bass.

Kossoff wrote a few songs early on but Andy and Paul became "the songwriting team". I've read the biographies and I can see how it happened. I don't think Koss was a brilliant songwriter who got shut out. I think he was more of an interpreter.


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