Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Animal Crackers

I don't usually put 90's vids here but this time I can't help myself.

Remember in Fight Club, when the narrator is asked to imagine his totem animal, and he inadvertently imagines that hilarious penguin? Well, here's a totem animal meme.

Someone sent me the link to Nine Inch Nails' Closer as an idea for a character study for a story. The video itself is very powerful indeed (and NOT work safe). The sheer bent savagery of some of the images are suitably entertaining, even more so as Trent Reznor himself seems to be such a little sweetie. (Especially when tied up.) Didn't I see that whirling pig's head on an SRL video once?

But the major amusement value for me came from the audience interaction part. Every now and again, Reznor sings, "I want to f---- you like an animal." When he does, think about the funniest animal you know, and substitute the mental image for the video image.

My animal was the giraffe, always good for LULZ. I owe me a new keyboard, as they say on internet.

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