Saturday, December 29, 2007

Led Zeppelin at the 02

Since December 11th, when I started watching the videos of Led Zeppelin at the 02, I've been feeling guilty about my statement in my review of the biography Magus Musician Man where I said: "Both of the magus books in this series of reviews so far have concerned ...rebirth this case Page from a very complex, beautiful and accomplished young man into quite an ordinary man."

That night, I think Page showed very clearly that he's anything but ordinary. I don't know what he was doing on his seven-year lay-off from live playing, but it didn't involve losing his fire. He played his heart out, risky, edgy, fast and daring, like it always was.

So I take that back.

New Year present:

Here is a list of YouTube videos of all the songs Led Zeppelin played at the 02 at the reunion on December 10th, in order. If you want a DVD of the night, save these to your hard disc using or your preferred downloader, and burn them to DVD using . (You have to set it to burn, it doesn't install itself that way.)Alternatively, convert them to AVI files with Super and then burn them to a DVD.

After party clip:

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