Saturday, February 02, 2008

In Space No One Can Hear You Scream

Two people have written to me to say they have no idea why I'm not overjoyed with fluffy kitty luv'n'hugs about Beatles Songs - In Space! (I don't know why people email me instead of putting it in the comments section; I guess it has something to do with my regular threats to kill people if they start an argument in comments. Anyway, it puts me in the strange position of having to admit that The Lurkers Don't Support Me In Email.)

Here was why, anyway. But I'm over it now, thank you.

First, it's a publicity stunt. It has no meaning. There's no one there to hear it anyway.

Second, it's a "Beatles Historian". WTF is a Beatles Historian?

Third, he asked for permission from the copyright holders, which gives the impression that beaming radio waves into nowhere is either a 'copy' or a 'public performance' of a song. It is neither, and these bastards don't deserve a red cent for half the uses they get paid for these days. (See next post.)

Fourth, a movie called Across the Universe is still in theaters, and I don't trust the "Beatles Historian" not to have made money.

Fifth, NASA is a government agency, spending my money on space exploration. I get to have a say in what it does, and sending meaningless Beatles songs into space is not in in my top ten.

Sixth, the idea that anybody will be charmed or interested or piqued or otherwise jollied up by the thought of a 40 year old popular music song being sent into space shows how out of touch NASA (and Beatles Historian) are with any sort of reality whatsoever. Who cares?

Seventh, Yesterday, insurgents taped bombs to two Down's Syndrome women and sent them into a pet market in Baghdad, then detonated the bombs by remote control, killing the pets on sale, the disabled women, very many women pet-buyers and some men and some pet sellers. If they're going to start sending John Lennon songs into space to make some sort of a difference, how about "Happy Christmas, War is Over", or "Give Peace a Chance" or "Imagine"? Not that I personally think they'd be any better but at least it would show Beatles Historian and NASA are both living in my reality.

And that was about it, really.

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Anonymous said...

'Beatles Historian' - definition: A guy with lots of records and no girlfriend.


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