Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Groupies LP

"the groupies" Earth Records. ELPS-1000

Way back in the groovy era, Alan Lorber decided that the world needed to hear groupies talking about what they did with band members. It's supposedly a sociological documentary, y'know, harrumph, not a piece of titillation.

The resulting file sounds exactly like Frank Zappa's Uncle Meat, even down to the New York accent (as opposed to Classic Groupie, which is LA speak). It differs from Francis the Z significantly in that absolutely no one uses a chicken to measure it. For some strange reason, the English (as they call the British) come out the worst in the perv stakes. How can that be?

At this remove, it's useless either as a documentary or as wank fodder. It's fun if a) you like Uncle Meat or b) you like 1969 in general. It's not fun if you c) believe humans have innate dignity or d) think feminism has had any impact on human behavior. I thought it was quite depressing, but remarkably interesting.

You can stream it from here. In fact, that web page is packed full of interesting groupie trivia, so you might want to read it anyway.

If you hate streaming, you can download the mp3s of both sides for your iPod from here instead, from the folder "Groupies mp3"

Warnings: For the first few minutes of each side there's an incredibly irritating echo – ooh, I mean far out sound effect, man. It settles down after a while.

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Kelvis said...

Thank you so much for posting the record! I just came from a record store and had it in my hot little hands, but I'm broke and couldn't afford the disc as they were demanding a princely sum.

Yay interwebz rekkid geeks!



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