Monday, April 21, 2008

Why oh why can't they use their super-powers for good?

I worked out today that my washing machine must have a device fitted for turning socks inside out.

I used to think it was the dryer, but careful statistical analysis shows that it's in the washing machine. I can see that this seemed like a good idea to Dr. Evil at the time, but you'd think at some point he would have gotten greedy and marketed the anti-sock-reverser for a large amount of money. Like the hidden device on my car that turns traffic lights to red. You should be able to pay a premium to have it reversed.

1 comment:

Malia said...

Actually dear friend, it's obvious that you have menehunes. Small Hawaiian sprits that do mischevious things and are occasionally evilish. Throw some Hawaiian Rock salt at your washing machine and shake a ti leaf at it, acknowledging the Menehunes's superior wisdom and good looks, and ask them to leave your socks alone.


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