Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I love Photoshop. There's nothing in this picture that wasn't in the original. I just chose the bits I wanted to foreground. It's hard to believe, but there's no added color.

I got the picture at a spectacularly handy all-Satan all-the-time copyright-free image page. Thanks, Satanists! It's not what you think; I'd actually Googled for "winged disk" but couldn't find a good picture (there or indeed anywhere else). Luckily Lilith here filled my Photoshopping deficit. She wasn't grey enough and the snake wasn't quite punchy enough, but I soon took care of that.

See? Just not quite there enough in the original.

1 comment:

KaliDurga said...

Nice work! Definitely more eye-catching and effective your way.


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