Saturday, June 07, 2008

Foo Fighters, with Jimmy Page and JPJ at Wembley


It was one of those internet rumors that came true. Made Dave Grohl's day, and made mine too. John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page joined the Foo Fighters for their encore at Wembley on Saturday, 7th June.

They played Rock & Roll and Ramble On.

Rock & Roll was pretty fiery stuff, and bodes well for some more gigs down the line. It was genuinely wonderful to see Page on stage again. (JPJ has been playing regularly, so it's not so much of a surprise - and it was very welcome to see him here tonight as well.)

Alas, only Rock&Roll is on YouTube at the moment. Perhaps more will be uploaded later. Big thanks to the uploader Solamore - smooch! (Update: Ramble On now on YouTube too. Update 2: More videos.)

Yes, a wonderful day for Led Zeppelin fans.

Write up in the NME here.



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