Monday, June 16, 2008

Today's Glam Moment

No real reason; just some memories.

David Bowie's Gene Genie.

I vaguely recall being in Germany in 1972 when this was in the charts. Holidays in Germany were not quite as much fun for me as they were for my parents, whose 'appreciation' of wine, beer and brandy knew few bounds, but three things thrilled me about Germany:

Pop magazines! Featuring Suzi Quattro! And David Bowie!
Food! Russian eggs, marzipan pigs, Wiener schnitzel from the Schnell Imbiss
Horticulture! The fact that damson plums grew on trees lining the streets. Food did not grow on trees lining the streets where I grew up. I grew up in the dismal past described by The Four Yorkshiremen in Monty Python's famous sketch. And you thought it was fictional!

Gene Genie, of course, did not get to Number 1 in Britain. It was kept from the top spot by this little ditty.

That's the way the pop cookie crumbles, or something. Nobody sued anybody for plagiarism. They probably both stole it from these guys, who at least credited their source, the recently deceased Bo Diddley.

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