Saturday, May 16, 2009

Care Parcel

My Care Parcel arrived from Amazon today. How I love opening their little boxen and taking out the CDs inside.

Today I received The Kills' Midnight Boom, which I already know pretty well, and two new ones, The Horrors' Strange House and Primary Colours. The Horrors have already pissed me off by having an FBI anti-piracy warning on the outer cover. Look, I bought your fucking CD, all right? Why ruin packaging that belongs to me, is my space, the space for you to entertain me if you want me to pay for your tunes, with a fatuous threat over something I clearly haven't done, otherwise I wouldn't be holding the cover in my hands? Bastards. Anyway, you're English, so why an FBI warning and not a Plod warning or an Interpol warning? Double bastards.

When I get over the effrontery of being threatened in my own house by record company drones who are relying on me for the food they eat, I'll listen to the CDs and give a heads up.

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