Sunday, August 30, 2009

San Diego Street Scene

I just got back from the San Diego Street Scene fair or festival or whatever it is. I have to say, now I know how horses feel when they're ridden on the street and not shod for asphalt.

Not my feet, BTW. I have much nicer, but still not adequate, footwear.

Music festivals are better on the traditional mud - or failing that, the equally traditional sheep shit. Or even grass. Concrete not so much. The pavement pounding I did on Wednesday in LA hadn't really healed by Friday when I did my first day on concrete at the Street Scene, and although the LA blisters were gone by Saturday, another day on concrete just damaged the underside of my foot. My feet feel like someone had fun with the bastinado (with me on the receiving end). More to come on Sunday about the bands there, with less whining, if at all possible.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of The Dead Weather's set at the Street Scene. (You were expecting anything else?) This time I took the Big Camera. It does a rather better job than the company BlackBerry.

Who is that on Alison's t shirt? And can I buy one? First person to let me know in comments wins a CD copy of Horehound. Although you almost certainly have one already.

Dean has a lovely haircut, doesn't he? My friend who wants to take care of Dean's image thinks he needs highlights as well, but I'm happy with the nice new haircut.

LJ's hair blows in the breeze.

The Dead Weather have a pause to pick hair out of their mouths.

Just putting this one in for the girls.

Smiles. How unusual.

Goodbye line up.

As you can see, the festival version of The Dead Weather is a little more smiley than the club version of The Dead Weather.

Here's the full photoset on Flickr.

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