Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Art House - my museum of bad art gets a rock poster upgrade

We've been scouring the junk shops the past couple of weeks looking for frames. On the hunt we came across this spectacular example of poor art, Ghoul on the Beach. We don't usually buy unsigned pieces but this one fitted our collection so well we had to have it. Besides, it was half-price art day.

We do pride ourselves on having a collection that is in its own way as bad, and as diverse, as the collection in the Museum of Bad Art itself.

I wanted the frames because I needed to frame my Dead Weather posters, preferably without spending a red cent extra to get fitted frames. This worked out perfectly for the smaller posters sold at the gigs, but not so well for the cinema posters, which at 24" by 36" are an odd size. One of them ended up with mats at the sides but not at the top and bottom (in a 24" by 39" frame), one was almost exact and one perfect except the pre-existing mat was a fetching pink. I hereby declare fetching pink to go wonderfully with the expanse of bluish sky on the poster.

Now that I look at it carefully the poster has a blemish in the rather faded blue (at the top of a fuzzy shot) that looks like a defect in developing the film. If they've - the art department, not The Dead Weather - carefully faked the blemish with a digital camera I wouldn't be surprised, just as I assume the fuzziness and composition is deliberate. I'm not putting up a picture of mine as a picture of a picture would be silly, so here's a shot from the web, again. My poster is identical - water drops about two thirds up the sky, between Jack's head and the lamp-post.

Here's the frames for the gig posters. They are not on the wall yet.

That's because I don't have that many square feet of wall space left in the whole house, except in the gecko room, where everything is sprayed with water once a day - not the best place to put fine art. Here's a longer shot of Ghoul showing my problem.

No, I don't deliberately tilt the pictures. I have people to do that for me.

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