Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen: It's the Rolling Stones

G K Nomelend of The Drive Byes on why the Rolling Stones matter.

It's a well-written piece - in fact it's a professional level piece. If you have to be told why the Rolling Stones matter, it's probably not for you despite its titular slant. But for an old timer, it's nice to see a history of the Stones, and why we should give a shit.
"For “Let It Bleed”, if one has to pick a song it is “Gimme Shelter”, a tune, as a wise friend of mine once noted (who runs The Dangers by the way) it the true expression of what The Stones are really all about. Life is dangerous and irrational and the only solace to be found is in sexual love. Love, sister, it’s just a kiss away, a kiss away. “Sticky Fingers” for me is the truest Classic Rock Album of all time, a collection of tunes that give us the DNA of what the genre is all about. It comes down to “Brown Sugar” as the take-to-a-desert-isle track. Dirty, raucous, a ditty the Marquis de Sade could love, it is probably the best Stones single of all time (yes, even above “Honky Tonk Women”)."

If you don't know why you should give a shit, here's a good first answer.

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