Friday, November 27, 2009

More fractalization

Yesterday, in The Long Tail, I mentioned the idea of fractalization - that the web, as currently configured, drives us down into our own subculture and takes us away from the mainstream culture into a mini-representation of an overall culture. It reinforces our subcultures and allows us to live in small places where everyone agrees with us.

Today, the JG Ballard group I belong to (see what I mean? That's a niche, all right) points me towards an interview with Rex Marshall, the founder of Mattress. Of course, Rex Marshall mentions JGB, or he would not have come up in the JG Ballard group's conversations. So far today, 100% of the bands I've been pointed to are JGB fans. See how this works?

And what does Rex say? "There no longer seems to be a zeitgeist. Or there are 1,000 tiny zeitgeists."

Rex agrees with me!

The article says Mattress play dystopian torch songs. I'll check them out.

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Janel said...

You're so right about that!


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