Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights

I need the movie of The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights. Not having the money, I had an idea and sold my blood for $180 (I have expensive blood) which pretty much matched the list price of $179. I added the order. It'll be here, it says, in late March.

I'd reckoned without tax (my income tax will take 1/3, leaving me with $120) and CA sales tax (which Warner Bros is happy to take from me - and I promise I will check up to see if they actually pay to CA - WB you are on notice) of about $16, and the shipping of about $17.

So I'm actually about $92 in the hole for the DVD. What's a hundred bucks between friends? (And Third Man Records/Jack White are fast becoming friends in this sense.) The list of extras in this DVD release are awesome. It's a must-have package.

Of course, for rock and roll purposes no one gives a damn whether I can sell my blood or pay CA sales tax. Where rock and roll is concerned, the litmus test is whether 14 year old boys can get hold of it. The answer is: not at this fucking price. Unless daddy is rich - and the number of rockers who got there because daddy is rich enough to afford the product is, y'know, nil. (Corrections gladly welcomed in comments.) I'm going to love Under Great White Northern Lights, and I'm glad I have expensive blood to pay for it. But someone has to engage those fourteen year olds.

The next generation of rockers are going to learn from an album which is less spendy. I recommend The Stooges' Fun House. If you are fourteen you already know how to download that, so I won't patronize.

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