Saturday, May 01, 2010

Going to Nashville

Sea of Cowards has an awesome cover, doesn't it?

Oh wait, that's not it. This is it.

The first one is my version, painstakingly made out of pictures cut up with an X-Acto knife, like the original. Though of course the background is made by Photoshop's gradient tool like every other background in the world. This is a scan, obviously, as everything becomes digital when it goes on teh nets. It looks a bit cooler in real life as Dean's horns and his mask's horns aren't glued down giving a bit of a 3D effect, as does his white coat coming out of the frame. I think my Dean looks badass and I couldn't bear him to cover up that cute face with his mask, so he's not wearing his.

Little Jack looks pretty cool too.

Oh, and I didn't have any Dymo Tape so I used a free Dymo Tape maker I found on the web which had a pretty good imitation font.

The name Sea of Cowards refers to me, apparently. According to the interivew in this week's NME, Jack is still all ruffled by us anonymous bloggers. But I can give him my business card on Monday, because I won a chance to see The Dead Weather play at Third Man Records from The Vault!

Yes, I won a giveaway during the recent 24-hour Screaming Live Vinyl event (Sea of Cowards was played live, as in a camera watched the vinyl play and now and again people came in and turned it over. There was more to it than that, like this little competition. (Though of course, like my analog album cover, the vinyl didn't really stream. Digital bits streamed. Jack may hate the internet but he seems dependent on it. I've worked with APAs and CD-R vines and weeds and I know how long the mail takes. And how much it costs.))

Trouble is, winning a chance to see someone on Monday on Friday afternoon is kind of difficult to pull off for a Californian. We don't like to make plans. But I've managed to hook up with my friend from the Las Vegas gig (who also won) and another internet friend, book tickets and almost start packing.

Blogging could be sporadic for a few days.


Malia said...

The second craziest thing I've ever done.

KaliDurga said...

I haven't done such a crazy thing in such a long time, I can't even judge how this ranks.

Thanks for putting the butterflies back in my stomach ;)


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