Friday, July 23, 2010

Live video: You Just Can't Win, The Dead Weather, Hollywood Palladium

Here is a lovely video of an inebriated Jack White being helped to the front of the stage at the Hollywood Palladium on Monday so he can warble a semblance of Van Morrison's You Just Can't Win - after an f-bomb rant. (NSFW)

[Edit: Alas this video was removed]

Yes, the goat on the lighting stack is a goat. There were four ungulates present on stage, not including Little Jack.

I was at this Dead Weather show and will describe it later, with illustrations prominently featuring Jack cursing and falling over. Though to be fair, he did manage to hold on to his drumsticks at least 85% of the time he was drumming, which was about 50% of the time he was on stage.

It was great.

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